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Who should be at my appointment?

“Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?” is a question we get asked frequently and is a common dilemma. After facilitating many consultations, we have concluded that the least number of people involved in the appointment usually provides the bride with the best experience.  

Prior to making an appointment, it is always best to check with the bridal shop about their guest capacity. Many bridal shops have small or limited seating options. For the bride, your experience will be enhanced by selecting people to attend your appointment who are focused on you and respect your decision-making abilities.

It is important to have supportive people involved who want you to have the best outcome! The art of tactfulness — being honest and truthful without being demeaning, harsh, hurtful or critical — is also important for your guests. This is also a good place to mention that it is not helpful to bring children to a bridal appointment. Despite the fact that a bridal shop is not especially kid-friendly (have you ever noticed that most items are white and delicate?), children become bored very quickly and, as such, attention is diverted away from the bride and the goal of finding a dress spirals downward. 

So, prior to scheduling bridal appointments, spend a little bit of time determining which people will be lovingly honest, supportive and genuinely happy to be included. Good luck on your dress journey!

By Rachelle Spencer, Dress For A Bride

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