trying on a wedding dress

How to shop for a wedding dress

What should you expect when shopping for a bridal dress? This post is devoted to helping new brides learn about shopping for the most important dress they may ever purchase. Shopping for a wedding dress is unlike any other type of shopping experience. Usually an appointment (maybe 90 minutes) is reserved for you. Most bridal shops require an appointment, although some may be able to accommodate walk-ins. An appointment is not required at the Dress For a Day Bridal Boutique, but we encourage it.

A consultant will be assigned to you and ask a series of questions to better determine what you might have in mind. When initially talking to brides, I like to gather basic information such as the wedding date; whether she has tried on bridal dresses previously; approximate size; price point; style of dress desired; type of wedding; and venue. These key points help the consultant understand what the bride may want.

Based on this initial information, the consultant will pull a few dresses to get the appointment underway. While the consultant is shopping for dresses, the bride will change into a robe. It’s important to wear a strapless bra and any underwear or shapewear that you may plan to wear with your dress. The consultant will assist the bride in and out of the dresses. Assistance is necessary to maintain the integrity of the dress, prevent makeup from getting on the dress, and helping with zippers, numerous buttons and other fragile dress embellishments. 

Once fitted into the bridal gown, I like to ask the bride her general thoughts about the dress. It is important for the consultant to listen to the bride’s likes and dislikes as, it is at this point, she will usually begin to elaborate and expand on her vision. As a consultant, listening to the bride is the most important element of the appointment. 

I want brides to feel comfortable voicing their opinion about the various styles and be empowered during her appointment. After all, the bride isn’t buying a dress to please me. My function is to facilitate, guide and direct the bride to the dress of her dreams. Happy dress shopping!

— By Rachelle Spencer, Dress For A Day

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